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A Recognized Leader in Addressing Governmental Safety and Security Challenges

We are committed to helping governments and affiliated organizations achieve their homeland safety and security goals. Our cost-effective access control and integrated security management system software, along with a wide range of products, allow government agencies to address a variety of unique safety and security challenges.

Common issues associated with government facilities, often involving multiple buildings, include coordinating legacy physical access control systems, managing access levels for different site visitors, and integrating security systems with other building systems. All these challenges can be met with an integrated solution using Tyco access control and video products or services.

Improve Security Operations Through Consolidation

Our innovative technology allows agencies to realize cost savings by consolidating disparate multi-site physical access control systems and improving the efficiency of system management, administrative processes, training, and maintenance operations.


Physical Access Control                      Monitors

Integrated Solutions                            Badging Solutions

Electronic Access Control                   Hosted Access Control 


Countries Tyco conducts business in

Montréal Police Force
Case Study Government Facilities
Montréal Police Force

Manage Access Levels for Employees, Contractors, and Visitors

Using our access control smart card enrollment and authentication solution, government employees or contractors can use their government-issued smart cards to gain access to specific areas, but not areas restricted to them. This does away with the need for multiple cards.


Physical Access Control                     Biometrics Access Control

Badging Solutions                              Integrated Solutions

Electronic Access Control                  Readers, Exit Devices, and Cards

U.K. Government Data Center
Case Study Government Facilities
UK Government data center

Robust Architecture for Integration and Interoperability

Our integration solutions provide robust computing platforms and open system architecture for integration and interoperability with other subsystems, such as access control, intrusion detection, video surveillance, and building systems.


Integrated Solutions                              Video Surveillance Systems

Electronic Access Control                     Analytics

                                                             Security and Event Management        

King County- Space Needle
Case Study Government Facilities
King County

Our Solutions in Action

King County

King County Case Study

Upgrading a security and event management system.

Forensic Center: Harperly Hall

Forensic Center: Harperly Hall Case Study

State-of-the-art CCTV for a forensic centre.

Government- Building

Special Applications

We offer a broad portfolio for industry-specific applications.

Distributed Network Architecture

Distributed Network Architecture

White Paper  Scalability and load balancing in a security environment.

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